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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Terrorists help Web 2.0

“Draconian restrictions on carry-on baggage may stay in place for months, even years.”

Business travellers may not be so keen on carrying laptops or PDAs in future.

So how’s a person to get any work done?

Answer: use Web-based email and word processors and spreadsheets and blogreaders and Web-based everything, on whatever computer is available wherever you happen to be. Hotels catering to business travellers will add computers to their rooms (desktop PCs are pretty cheap now). And airlines will have computers available on board (they may charge a rental fee) that are like laptops but are missing a screen because they plug into the entertainment screen that’s in the seatback in front of you. Of course they’ll need to offer in-flight Internet if they haven’t already. (UPDATE: Boeing announced on Aug. 17 that the service linked to in the preceding sentence, Connexion, is to be discontinued because of lack of interest to date. But there is at least one other service, OnAir, though the Internet access it provides is limited and will stay that way until sometime in 2007.)

ANOTHER UPDATE: For more, see the Techdirt post “Could Terrorism Be A Boon For Web 2.0?” (even though their post wasn’t till five days after mine Smiley face).


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