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I've been online since 1971 and I like to smoothe the way for everyone else. Among other things I co-founded Sympatico, the world's first easy-to-use Internet service (and Canada's largest).

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Rohan Jayasekera is on the job market

These days I do freelance work, but for a while now I’ve been on the lookout for a Web 2.0-related “real job” (permanent, or longer-term contract). There is so much happening in the Web 2.0 world, and for me it’s brought back a level of excitement I haven’t had since the mid-1990s when public use of the Internet was beginning to take hold. Back then I ended up being co-founder of what became Canada’s largest Internet service, Sympatico, and its companion portal which was Canada’s busiest website. Now I’m again looking for something to sink my teeth into.

What I do is to define and develop software-based products, preferably Web-based. I call myself a “product development manager” (= product manager leaning toward development, as opposed to a “product marketing manager” who leans toward marketing). I started out as a programmer, moved into project management and staff management, and along the way became interested in not only the actual building of the product but also what it does. I love improving a product in a way that helps lots of its users. My ideal best fit is with a smaller company that is creating or extending one or more Web-based products, but I’m certainly open to variations on that. There’s more info and a résumé on my website. If you might have a job for me, or know of someone else who might, I’d appreciate hearing from you (my website has contact info). Thanks!


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